CMX9 Vibration Analyzer

CMX9 Vibration Analyzer

CMX9 Vibration Analyzer
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CMX9 Vibration Analyzer Data Collector Recorder & Balancer

Brand New, 2 years warranty!!

CMx9 is a portable multi-channel vibration analyzer designed for the widest spectrum of users. We proudly consider CMx9 as the most advanced portable vibration analyzer of all times for advanced analysts and researchers. This is while CMx9 also offers modules with techniques developed for less experienced technicians or engineers.

Advanced analysts can take the best advantage of the instrument’s 4 AC input channels along with 4xDC and 1 trigger/tacho inputs. An example is taking two orbits plus shaft centerlines of a gas turbine, with any other desired parameter like Smax and FFT’s, from startup to steady state, with data automatically acquired every second (s) or with every few RPM change. More importantly, at site one can only do a recording of raw signals and leave the analysis for a later time. The instrument treats a recorded raw signal just like a live one with the advantage that analysis can be done any no. of times, with different measurement setups, on all or selected parts of the raw record.

New comers to vibration or less experienced analysts can enjoy using the “basic functions” with pre-set measurement parameters, do automatic fault diagnoses or even do the lubrication and bearing health checks on rolling element bearings.

CMx9 comes with PC Simulator Program! You would buy one instrument unit, surprisingly you would get unlimited virtual instruments for FREE

CMx9 is currently supplied with 10 different modules in a standard unit:

  • Analysis
  • Recorder (synchronous recording of raw signals of all input channels, Memory Capacity: 120 Giga Bytes (Type: Solid State Disk(SSD)) up to 35 hours recording for 4xAC, 4xDC and 1xTacho inputs, (max length of recording time depends on available memory)
  • Transient Analysis (Runup/Rundown) with various trigger options
  • Data Collector (Route), (Requires optional Condition Monitoring software)
  • Balancing (1 and 2 channel) with full facilities including comparison of results with ISO 1940
  • Auto Fault Analysis (FASIT), for ISO 10816-3 groups of machines
  • Lube (Lubrication/bearing monitor)
  • Stethoscope (Headphone is optional)
  • Sound analysis (Octave Analysis, full to 1/24th Octave), (microphone is optional)
  • Bump Test (Simple bump test with plastic hammer. Modal analysis with force hammer is included in the Analysis module).

Included on sale :

  • 1x CMX9 Vibration Analyzer Data Collector Recorder and Balancer
  • 1x Carry bag
  • 4x Sensors
  • 4x Cables
  • 4x Magnets
  • 1x Non-contact rotation sensor with its cable to connect with CMX9,
  • 1x Set of adjustable magnet stand
  • 1x DDS Software (Included Complete Bearing Data Bank and Software Dongl)


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