Niton DXL Precious Metal Analyzer

Niton DXL Precious Metal Analyzer

Niton DXL Precious Metal Analyzer
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Niton DXL Precious Metal Analyzer

Brand New Condition

1 Year Manufacture Warranty

The Thermo scientific Niton DXL desktop x-ray lab delivers fast and accurate XRF-based precious metal analysis results in a elegantly designed system. Whether you are a retail jeweler, pawn shop, jewelry manufacture, or otherwise involved in the business of buying and recycling scrap jewelry, you can take advantage of superior performance in in compact footprint - confident that your operations are backed by the world leader in serving science and pioneer in portable XRF technology.

Just a few seconds - that's all it takes to measure the exact precious metal content in jewelry,coins, and other valuable products using the Niton DXL precious metal analyzer. Give up the harsh acids and take advantage of the following Benefits:

Exceptionally fast, easy to use
Just close the lid and push a button. See results in seconds on a bright, touch-screen color display. No need to use any harsh chemicals or acids that can burn your fingers, ruin clothing, and damage counter tops. Further, an optional small-spot focus allows isolation and testing of small components, while the built-in CCD camera makes precises sample positioning effortless.

Accurate and Precise
Its fire assay comparable results help prevent losses due to the purchase or under-karated and counterfeit material.

Fit, Form, Function
Engineered with retail environments in mind, Ninton DXL precious metal analyzers ship from the factory fully calibrated and ready to use upon arrival at your site. The closed beam design prevents x-ray exposure to customers and operators, and the front and rear windows reveal an LED-illuminated sample chamber, which ensures that items undergoing nalysis never leave the customer's sight.

Gold-plate detection
AuDIT, a proprietary technology developed for, and only avalible on Thermo Scientific portable XRF analyzers, helps you meet the challenge of identifying gold-plated items...vermeil (gold-plated silver), gold-plated copper, steel, tungsten, and any other non-gold substrate.

Unlike destructive testing methods, such as acid and fire assay, tested samples remain intact and undamaged.


  • Standard analytical range: 21 elements including all precious metals.
  • Nondestructive analysis with near instantaneous results.
  • Exceptionally fast, easy to use – see results in seconds on a bright, touch-screen color display.
  • No harsh chemicals or acids that can burn your fingers, ruin clothing, and damage countertops.
  • Easier, faster, more accurate than nitric acid test methods.
  • Faster, more comprehensive analysis than fire assay, with comparable accuracy.
  • Compact, elegant, ergonomic design for countertop placement in retail environments.
  • Measure the content of all gold and precious metals without manually changing the calibration.
  • Precisely determine the presence and concentration of other trace alloying elements and dangerous heavy elements, which could impact valuation and future refining needs.
  • Built-in CCD camera makes precise sample positioning effortless.
  • Optional small‑spot focus allows isolation and testing of small components.


Analytical Range 21 elements including all precious metals
Internal CCD Camera for precise sample positioning
Detector High Performance Si-PIN semiconductor
Display Color Touch-Screen Keyboard
Data Storage Internal >10,000 readings with spectra
Data transfer USB included
Test Chamber 6.9" D x 7.2" W x 5.2" H
Security Password-protected user security
Included lithium-ion battery/110/220V AC adapter + More
Weight 17 lbs (7.7kg)
Outside Dimensions 15.6" D x 8.1" W x 10.4" H
Compliance CE, RoHS

Included on sale:

  • Niton DXL Precious Metal
  • 7.2V 4-cell lithium-ion battery pack
  • 110/220V AC adapter
  • USB PC connection cable
  • NDT PC software
  • 8mm measurement area
  • Internal CCD camera for precise sample positioning
  • Adhesive Tack for stabilization of samples
  • Spare puncture-resistant x-ray windows
  • User Manual
  • Certificate Calibration



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